My writing


About the Personal and Work categories

While I have explicitly stated that I am not a fan of distinctions between personal/ work and drawing division lines between various aspects of my life, I do understand that people have different interests in what they choose to read, so this is one way of making it easier for others to select their information and degree of exposure to My Stuff. As a general rule, the Work category is SFW, while the Personal might contain some NSFW at times, although I will rarely if ever write sexually explicit material. Not that I have anything against such material or I would be ashamed of sharing sexual stuff about myself, this is merely an aesthetic choice: I believe that writing erotica and porn requires a rare type of talent which, to my utter regret, I simply do not possess.

I do hope, at some point, to make things more easily accessible, this website might become two through cellular division, in spite of my weariness of separating life into boxes. We’ll see what the future and content dictates. Furthermore, I won’t try to “balance” types of content, whatever is on my mind at one particular time, that shall surface and that shall be served. Bon appétit.

About writing in English and Romanian

After years of living abroad, I miss using and inhabiting my own language, which I still feel closer to my heart in some aspects. Depending on mood and moon phases (and intended audiences), I will switch between the two. If I deem necessary to reach wider audiences, I will use English; sometimes I will need to make an effort to write in Romanian; for example when it comes to open relationships and polyamory, my mind switches automatically to English because it is the language in which I learnt to poly-speak, so I have to translate concepts to Romanian before using them in verbal communication.

On comments

No comments on the website, I usually get just lots of spam, plus the occasional trolls and haters. Honestly, I can happily live without either. In any case, if  wishes to express oneself do occur, I generally advertise my posts on FB, so everyone is free to comment there, and there’s always an inbox or another.

Copy-left note

The entire content is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works Romanian license, with the exception of reblogged content (e.g. content reposted from Tumblr).